Boston Major Regional Qualifiers

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Boston Major Regional Qualifiers

Hauptartikel: Eleague Major: Boston vormalige Offline-Qualifier erstmals in das Turnier integriert. Überhaupt hat es der Qualifier ins: Wer hat geschafft und wer nicht? Die letzte Qualifikationsrunde für The Boston Major brachte einige Südamerika und die CIS-Region nun auch einen Major-Spot bekommen werden. Jeweils zwei Teams aus jeder Region erhalten einen Platz im Major Qualifier. Dieser findet kurz vor dem Main Event statt. Dort kommen die.

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ELEAGUE Major Boston alle Facts zum CS:GO Turnier ✓ Die Teams Zeitplan ELEAGUE Major Boston – Regional Qualifier. Der Dota 2-Caster Tobiwan spricht im Interview über das Kiew Major und Neben dem TI-Sieger Wings Gaming und dem Boston Major-Sieger OG how many slots are available coming from each of the regional qualifiers. Tickets for attending the Main Event will be available starting Friday, October Open Qualifiers will run October 23 - 26, and the Regional Qualifiers will follow.

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Live: Boston Major Regional Qualifiers 2016 - Vega Squadron vs NaVi - Do Subscribe and Press Like

Boston Major Regional Qualifiers Europe Tipicowetten teams: Virtus Pro and Ad Finem Europe is generally agreed upon to Frauen Wm Spielplan 2021 the most competitive region, as their qualifiers include many big names with established players in their lineup. You can follow him on Twitter. Ad Finem 4. ELEAGUE Major: Boston Regional Minor Championships. AbschlussplatzierungEU MinorAmericas MinorCIS MinorAsia. Gambit Esports, USD + New Challenger Spot beim nächsten Major. ,​00 EUR, ua ELEAGUE Major: Boston Regional Minor Championships. ELEAGUE Major Boston alle Facts zum CS:GO Turnier ✓ Die Teams Zeitplan ELEAGUE Major Boston – Regional Qualifier. View full stats, matches and teams for Boston Major Open Qualifier. The final round of the Boston Major SEA Open Qualifiers has come to an end. Fire Dragoon Esports landed the last Boston Major SEA Regional Qualifiers spot. IKEA instructed to change name coming into Kiev Major EU regional qualifiers - Now 4 protect five 'To the end' - Ad Finem parts ways with their Dota 2 team. Changes in Team Secret Management: Kemal steps down, John Yao appointed CEO. XBOCT signed by Russian Premier League organization FC Anji. The 2nd round of the Boston Major Chinese Open Qualifiers has come to an end with taking the last Boston Major Chinese Regional Qualifiers spot. Flash Gaming. FalleNcoldzera, felps, fer, TACO. September 30, After 4 days of thrilling DOTA 2 action at the highest level across the globe, the list of 16 teams attending Boston Major this December has been completed. Edward had a vintage performance with 23 kills and flamie had 22 kills. ESG Tour Mykonos [70]. The Legends stage, formerly known as the Group stage, used the same format as the Challengers stage. Pro Teams Installation Der Assistenten Appliance // Gaid.Ennos.Site Fnatic Grovesnorcasino Vincere Team Solomid Virtus. EnVyUs's coach Damien "maLeK" Marcel had to stand in despite never having played an international Global Offensive match in his career. In the playoffs, now known as the "Champions stage," eight teams will play in a single elimination, best of three bracket. FlipSid3 Tactics. BIT, fnx, HEN1, kNgV- LUCAS1. Low match North Train.
Boston Major Regional Qualifiers

The primary squad was directly invited the Main event and EHOME. X qualified in the first round of the open qualifiers. Keen will go up against CDEC Gaming, FTD club A, Invictus Gaming, Invictus Gaming.

While their recent performances have been less than impressive, the raw experience and mechanical skill levels of these players should pull them through.

In fact, they managed a dream start to the Boston Campaign with 5 consecutive wins in the first day, almost guaranteeing a spot in the playoffs.

Fnatic came in a close second, having dropped one game to WarriorsGaming Unity. These two giants will have a clash tomorrow to determine who the group leader is.

However, the SEA region is not a personal affair between Fnatic and Faceless. The Philippino squad Mineski. GGNetwork also had a flawless first day, as they did not lose any of their three games played.

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New Dota 2 Guides. League of Legends Fan Art. Get a Gaming Scholarship! The final round of the Boston Major SEA Open Qualifiers has come to an end.

Fire Dragoon Esports landed the last Boston Major SEA Regional Qualifiers available spot, after sweeping through RAVE in the finals.

This qualifier has witnessed the fall of many old-school veterans, as they crumbled during crucial moments against more driven and simply better teams.

Out of the 8 that qualified, 2 teams were formed just after TI6, and 4 others had never attended a Valve LAN event before.

We are entering a new era for the competitive DOTA scene, and the Boston Major will be the event that marks it on the timeline.

Qualified teams: Team Faceless and WarriorsGaming. They did not drop a single game throughout the qualifier — a feat no other teams across 4 regions managed to achieve.

The Singaporean squad were clearly a league above every single other SEA representatives, and they will definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming Major.

Faceless will attend The Summit 6 in November, giving them the much-needed international experience before heading for Boston. Unity have also been performing above expectations, and while surprising, their eventual victory is well-deserved.

Congratulations to both teams. They deserved to be at the Boston Major. Failures in qualifiers have almost always led to roster changes.

There are a lot questions caused by by the abysmal performance of Natus Vincere. NiKo met up with his former teammate chrisJ, and both had their long streaks of missing out on a major top eight broken at this tournament.

At ECS, FaZe needed to go into overtime games to close out the last tournament of Despite being the underdogs, mousesports had a record against the European superteam.

FaZe had to scrape by SK Gaming to take a top spot in the quarterfinals, while mousesports survived a scare against Space Soldiers after chocking away an eleven-round lead to Quantum Bellator Fire.

These two teams met at a major once before. In at the PGL Major , mousesports upset FaZe in overtime.

Game one started with a thriller on the rarely-played Nuke. It started off with the pistol round, where rain took down STYKO and ropz and NiKo took down suNny to give FaZe an immediate 5 vs.

FaZe took a lead, but mousesports later lead. FaZe was able to take a few rounds here and there, but mousesports's Terrorist side proved to be stronger.

In round 15, GuardiaN started strong in a round FaZe needed to win, as Nuke tended to be a very Counter-Terrorist sided map, as he took down STYKO, but suNny was able to trade.

In the second half, FaZe showed that it could also perform on the Terrorist side. After take the pistol round and the following two anti-economy rounds, mousesports took one back.

In the 20th round, FaZe ran all over mousesports. FaZe's roll came to a stop as mousesports went up to a lead before FaZe made it However, mousesports was able to save itself by winning the following round, putting FaZe's economy at a low point.

Despite this, karrigan's squad had a lucky situation. In round 29, karrigan took down STYKO with an upgraded pistol.

However, suNny accidentally jumped to his death, suddenly giving FaZe a small chance to win the round and stay alive in the map. GuardiaN took out oskar before olofmeister planted the bomb.

The last round of regulation had some more FaZe magic to show off. STYKO then took down karrigan. However, NiKo instead stepped into the flames and took down both mousesports players before any defuse could happen to secure overtime.

Overtime was not as cinematic, as FaZe took finished the game with relative ease. FaZe's Terrorist side on Cache was too much for mousesports as the normally Counter-Terrorist sided map leaned heavily towards FaZe's offense.

In the 15th round, FaZe proved to be relentless. NiKo killed suNny early on near the A bombsite. When FaZe decided to head to the B bombsite, NiKo caught chrisJ at just the right time.

STYKO was able to kill karrigan, but ropz and STYKO fell to NiKo and NiKo finished off the ace by taking down oskar in the middle area. In the 20th round, after mousesports won the first three rounds of the half and FaZe winning the first gun round, ropz fell to rain in the early stages of the round.

As mousesports creeped into the A bombsite, olofmeister killed STYKO before being traded out by suNny. However, NiKo did enough as karrigan cleaned up suNny to win a twelfth round.

In the 24th round, mousesports lost the 23rd round and went for a bizarre buy with a shotgun — which only is useful close range — a submachine gun, two upgrade pistols, and one weak, unideal pistol.

However, rain was able to shut four of them down and FaZe got match and series point. The favorites then easily won the last round to move on to the semifinals.

NiKo had 24 kills and olofmeister and GuardiaN had 19 each. Both teams were not expected to be in Boston, as Natus Vincere was in a massive struggle and Quantum Bellator Fire wasn't even supposed to be in the New Legends stage.

However, Na'Vi pulled together after a bad loss to Gambit Esports and ran away with three wins in a row to clinch a spot in the playoffs.

Many doubted QBF because it faced weak opponents in the New Challengers stage, but wins over Gambit and mousesports secured their spot in the finals.

These two teams had never met prior to this tournament, but Na'Vi did easily defeat QBF in the New Challengers stage.

Na'Vi's international experience and star players made them favorites in this match. Kvik of QBF not only became the first Lithuanian to play at a major, but also was the first Lithuanian to be in the top eight of a major.

Na'Vi had an eventful map on Mirage. QBF took the pistol round, but Na'Vi bounced right back and went on a massive streak of 13 unanswered round before QBF took the last round to make it In the 19th round, QBF had a great chance to extend the game.

Boombl4 took down Zeus and Edward and waterfallZ took out electronic and QBF had a 5 vs. With limited information, flamie and s1mple had to use their firepower just in an attempt to get the bomb down.

QBF never recovered and Na'Vi easily took the first map. Na'Vi continued its stride on Inferno. With Na'Vi up , QBF needed the next two rounds to have a decent chance to win the game.

Boombl4 was able to kill Zeus to leave flamie alone against five. However, Na'Vi took the last round of the half despite QBF garnering a decent amount of information, leaving QBF to have a mountain to climb.

In the first gun round of the second half, Edward started with a kill onto Boombl4 with the help of a plethora of grenades. However, flamie died to the bullet of waterfaLLZ to even the playing field.

Zeus took down balbina and waterfaLLZ took down Zeus, but the QBF in-game leader was unable to pull off a 1 vs. Edward had a vintage performance with 23 kills and flamie had 22 kills.

QBF's star Boombl4 had only 10 kills. Natus Vincere went on to face FaZe Clan and QBF's Cinderella story came to a quarterfinals end.

G2 Esports took a new approach to the game as shox allowed his team to have more freedom in the game rather than managing his players, allowing himself to perform at the level he was capable of.

Cloud9 was the clear underdog, but playing in front of the home crowd would help the Americans. Historically, Cloud9 has the edge over G2 with an head-to-head record, but G2 cruised past Cloud9 in the New Legends stage.

G2 did have a perfect record coming into the playoffs, but many of those were against teams that were not in contention for a playoffs spot.

Meanwhile, Cloud9 had to fight from a record to pull itself back up to three wins to clinch a playoff spot. These two teams have met once at a major — at the PGL Major, G2 defeated Cloud9 in overtime in the group stage.

Cloud9 was the first North American team to make the playoffs at a major since ESL One Cologne , where Team Liquid placed second.

However, G2 was expected to make the finals by defeating Cloud9 and SK Gaming or Fnatic. The most anticipated quarterfinals matchup started on Mirage, Cloud9's pick.

The match started with G2 winning the pistol round, but heroics from autimatic allowed Cloud9 to win its economy round.

With Cloud9 leading , tarik started off by heading into the middle area with a kill onto G2's kennyS, but autimatic fell to apEX.

RUSH then killed bodyy and then apEX followed up onto Stewie2K. RUSH then took down apEX after Skadoodle planted the bomb, but shox was there to trade.

Skadoodle then took down shox; NBK- was able to take down tarik and tried to get away as the bomb was too late to defuse, but Skadoodle was able to chase him down to give Cloud9 the round.

Cloud9 went up before G2 took the last five rounds as the French started to get aggressive and started to get rounds on the board.

Cloud9 was up in the 21st round as G2 had another gun round. Skadoodle started with a kill onto NBK-.

Stewie2K later took down shox before being traded by bodyy. Skadoodle found apEX, but kennyS traded to give G2 the round.

However, Cloud9's defense was too strong and won the game. RUSH quietly lead the way with 26 kills. Overpass was a strong G2 map and the series was expected to go to a third map.

Cloud9 was up when bodyy started off with a kill onto Skadoodle. Stewie2K traded out apEX in return, but bodyy was able to take down Stewie2K before falling to tarik.

On the retake, autimatic started strong with kills onto NBK- and shox. RUSH created enough of a distraction to allow autimatic defusing the bomb despite dying to kennyS.

G2 won the 12th round, but its economy was reset after Cloud9 won the next. In the 15th round, Skadoodle started strong onto bodyy before being traded by shox.

RUSH finished things off with a kill onto NBK- to give Cloud9 a halftime lead and a huge chance at the upset. G2 found some life by getting three, but Cloud9 got a 13th round with two entry kills from Stewie2K.

In the 23rd round, Skadoodle opened up with a kill onto shox but was traded immediately by kennyS. NBK- took down autimatic in the B bombsite but was traded by tarik.

Stewie2K caught a flanking apEX. The two most decorated CS:GO teams faced off in the quarterfinals.

Historically, Fnatic has the head-to-head lead at , but Fnatic had suffered a downfall from the best team in the world since mid, which was when SK Gaming just started its rise to become the best team in the world.

However, Fnatic has two relatively inexperienced players and SK is playing without its regular lineup. Despite Fnatic's historical record, SK has a record in These teams met twice at previous majors.

At ESL One Cologne , Fnatic swept SK known as Luminosity Gaming back then in the quarterfinals; at Cluj-Napoca , Luminosity pulled off the upset of the tournament by defeating Fnatic.

The young rookie in-game leader Golden had to go against whom many are calling the best in-game leader in Global Offensive, FalleN.

This game started similar to all the other New Champions stage games as Fnatic took the pistol and SK Gaming took the following round.

However, Fnatic had a force buy of its own in the next round. Despite TACO taking down three in Lekr0, JW, and flusha and coldzera downing Golden early on, KRiMZ had to ace for this team and needed a 1 vs.

Fnatic was able to overrun SK and took ten rounds. In the second half, SK won the pistol, but Fnatic won a second round force buy and went up to 14 rounds.

SK was able to get two more before Fnatic's last buy before it was forced to take an economy round. In the 24th round, Lekr0 killed felps and coldzera and looked like he did enough.

However, FalleN took down flusha, TACO killed KRiMZ, and FalleN followed up onto Lekr0. With time dwindling, SK needed to plant the bomb and fer started to plant with about ten second left.

JW tried to deny the plant, but TACO caught him out and SK secured the round. Fnatic got to match point, but the comeback kings of SK attempted to do so once again.

In the 28th round, felps entered with a kill onto JW, but KRiMZ and Lekr0 took down three together. However, FalleN took out Lekr0 and coldzera saved the day with a kill onto KRiMZ to open up the A bombsite.

FalleN planted the bomb and then the two SK members took down Golden and flusha to secure the round. SK tied the game at 15 to send the game to overtime to have a chance to complete the comeback.

In the second round of overtime, SK completely tricked Fnatic by faking towards the A bombsite and going B, but the Brazilians were in a 2 vs.

The game went to double overtime, where FalleN nearly gave SK the lead twice, but heroics from Golden in the last round allowed Fnatic to pull out map one for a much-deserved win.

Three players for Fnatic had more than 30 kills as flusha lead the way with 38 kills; three players on SK also had more than 30 kills, with TACO leading the way with 32 kills.

The next map went to Overpass, a map SK is heavily favored on. The rounds went back and forth early on.

In round six, with the game tied up and Fnatic had just won the previous round after the two teams kept trading one for one, it looked to be the end of trading as JW took down coldzera and Lekro downed TACO.

Lekr0 also took down felps after fer killed Golden. FalleN continued to perform as he tagged down Lekro with his SSG, the inferior sniper rifle, and then hit a ridiculous shot onto flusha while trying to move the bomb to the A bombsite.

KRiMZ was able to kill fer, but the bomb was too late the defuse and KRiMZ died to the explosion. SK was the first team to string two rounds together by winning the next round to go up SK went up , but Fnatic was barely able to steal away rounds to take the lead.

SK retook the lead and ended the half at The pistol round went to Fnatic, but SK had a force buy and the less favored team won the second round once again.

SK went up before Fnatic picked one up. In round 24, with SK up , KRiMZ had a massive round with four kills, including a 1 vs.

With the score tied , SK pulled out a miracle from an economy round and stole a round away. In the 30th round, SK was up , but had a weaker buy.

FalleN punished KRiMZ, but JW traded him out. JW ran into the A bombsite while his teammates executed to the B bombsite and JW took down felps.

The final map went to Mirage, a map in which both teams are historically great on and arguably Fnatic's best map. Based on the first two maps, the game went back and forth in the start as expected.

In the 13th round, the score was There, fer went aggressive to get KRiMZ and coldzera caught out JW. However, Golden and Lekr0 traded some seconds later and then had the man advantage with a kill onto TACO.

Golden tried to plant the bomb, but felps killing flusha forced Golden off the plant. Lekr0 traded and Golden tried to plant again. This time, a low FalleN tried to take down Golden, but Lekr0 used his body to partially block the shot, allowing Golden to plant the bomb.

Golden took advantage of the low health of FalleN and killed him to secure the round.

Oct 23, UTC - Oct 26, UTC China, China. Oct 23, Ing Diba Neukundenbonus - Oct 27, UTC Osteuropa, Westeuropa. Momentan werden keine Matches gespielt.

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Roda Rolet einzige Niederlage musste Team Faceless einstecken — die Blackice-Combo scheint wieder voll im Gange zu sein. Boston Major Regional Qualifiers recap: A new era November 8, Kryther After 4 days of thrilling DOTA 2 action at the highest level across the globe, the list of 16 teams attending Boston Major this December has been completed. All regional qualifiers for Boston Majors have come to an end and unexpectedly top teams such as Secret, liquid, alliance, Na’vi and Fnatic are not in the list. The SEA qualifiers entered the playoff stage with Fnatic, Team Faceless, Mineski and The Boston Major Open Qualifiers are underway, and it’s turned into a bit of a circus. Now, there’s usually a “power differential” between regions. North America currently has a few dominant or high-profile tier 1 teams (Digital Chaos, EG, you can decide if you want to include NP). IKEA instructed to change name coming into Kiev Major EU regional qualifiers - Now 4 protect five 'To the end' - Ad Finem parts ways with their Dota 2 team. Four Regional Qualifiers. One group containing all teams, with the top four teams advancing to the Regional Double-elimination Playoff Bracket. The winner and runner-up of each Regional Playoff Bracket will join the eight directly invited teams in Boston. Group Stage - December 3rd - December 4th,
Boston Major Regional Qualifiers


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